The usual flavor...with the usual customs

Javea Restaurant

Restaurante Javea

An ode to the sea, a folk dance to the rhythm of the town’s lung: those who inhabit it and transform the walls, tiles, little shops, and hiding spots (especially the latter) into pieces of life. All of these are the protagonists of a great story. And we… are going to tell you about them.

The town’s diary is narrated in Escama.

All the secrets pass through the pier and end up where? In the sea.

The sea is a home for those who embrace it. The sea is both feared, respected, and loved in equal measure. The sea is that dance that gives you life and takes it away, it all depends on the perspective.

Restaurante Javea
Restaurante Javea

Home is that space that brings you back to rest. For all of us who live and conceive Jávea as that maternal embrace. Good habits never die, they may fade but they always return. Escama is a return to everything that was good and always will be.

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